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What to Expect

What to Expect

Your First Visit

First visit to your chiropractor

First visit to your chiropractor

First visit to your chiropractor video, click here.

Your first consultation will include the taking of a full history of your current health issue and any relevant previous medical history. Following this you will receive a physical examination that will assess your overall posture and functionality, specifically leading to a diagnosis of your current issue(s). Generally, you will not be required to remove your clothing unless it is necessary for your examination and treatment.

Once your history and examination is completed, the doctor will discuss his findings with you and make suggestions as how best to resolve your health problems. Once you are both agreed on a treatment plan then you will receive a treatment on this first visit (unless there is a good reason not to). Remember, sticking to the advise and agreed plan is the best way to full and long term recovery.

After treatment you will be advised on what to expect in terms of how you are likely to react and feel over the following few days. You will be advised on home care, work and recreational issues. You will schedule your next appointment(s).

Follow-up Visits

On your second visit, your doctor will ask how you have felt and coped from the time of your first consultation and treatment. As on all subsequent visits, he will review your condition and administer treatment in accordance with what he finds. He will reinforce advice on work, rest and play.

When the pain is gone and function is restored it must be remembered that the previously injured tissues (muscles, ligaments and joint capsules) are still weak and need to be made strong again. This can only be done through rehabilitative exercise. Your chiropractor will advise you on what is the best form of exercise for you.

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Our Opening Hours

We are open Monday to Friday at the following times:

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We may take emergency appointments outside of these hours. Please contact us in an emergency using the emergency contact number.



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