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Sciatica Treatment Hemel Hempstead

Sciatica Treatment Hemel Hempstead

Sciatica Treatment Hemel Hempstead

Sciatica occurs because part of the sciatic nerve arising from the lumbar and sacral spine (low back and pelvis) has been “trapped”.  Thus the term “trapped nerve”.  The most common ways it can be trapped include the following:

  • disc bulge in lumbar spine

  • arthritic bone growth into nerve tissue in lumbar spine

  • spinal stenosis (narrowing of spinal canal)

  • piriformis muscle spasm (muscle under the gluteal muscles)

  • less common are various forms of pathology

At Alpha Chiropractic & Sports Injury Clinic, Dr Kevin Loughlin, Chiropractor, has over 17 years experience in treating sciatica pain and dysfunction. He uses a variety of techniques including spinal manipulation, mobilisation and soft tissue work to give relief and restore function.  On the first visit a thorough history and examination is undertaken.  The examination for sciatica includes neurological testing to the legs.   MRI or x-ray examination may be recommended.

For an appointment call the clinic on 01442 248885.

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