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Kevin Loughlin D.C., BSc (Hons), BSc (Chiro), RGN, MRCC, MBCA

Registered Doctor of Chiropractic


Dr Kevin Loughlin Chiropractor

Kevin Loughlin Chiropractor Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead

When an 83 year old gentleman patient tells you that, after a simple set of adjustments, his neck feels the best it has felt in 30 years or a 7 year old child tells you that he has no more headaches, you know you have chosen the right career.

Initially I trained as a BSc degree level general nurse. During my six years of training and practice as a nurse I worked in most hospital departments including orthopaedics, accident and emergency and intensive care. During this time I had considered becoming a hospital doctor but I was fortunate to meet and see a chiropractor in practice and from that I was hooked. I knew that conventional medicine had its place but also knew that my place was in chiropractic where I would have much more contact with patients. I would be able to apply the holistic approach of diagnosing, treating and rehabilitating my patients in a way that orthodox medicine would not afford me. Thus, after four years of study in my BSc chiropractic degree and subsequent 15 years practice experience as a doctor of chiropractic I can quite happily describe myself as one of those lucky people who has found their niche in life.

Dr Kevin Loughlin, Chiropractor, Hemel Hempstead

Dr Kevin Loughlin, Chiropractor Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead

After finishing my first degree in nursing, I completed my BSc degree in chiropractic at the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic in Bournemouth, United Kingdom. At that time (1992-1996) it was the only college of chiropractic offering a BSc degree level education in Europe. Because of this, it attracted some of the best clinical chiropractic and science tutors in the world. It also attracted a multinational student body which made studying and socialising very interesting. I believe to this day, that the AECC is the only medical college in the UK, outside of orthodox medical colleges to have its own wet or actual human dissection lab for teaching anatomy.


I believe in treating each person as a unique individual. I try to get to know a person for who they are. In this way I will be better able to help them address the health needs that they have asked me to assist them with. When I collected my chiropractic degree on graduation day at college I was also delighted to receive the Holm Award which was awarded separately to one male and one female graduate doctor who had shown the most holistic approach to patient care throughout their training. This was the award which I would have wanted the most as it sums up my philosophy to practice. I believe in tailoring the treatment to the patient as apposed to tailoring the patient to the treatment. To do this I use a wide variety of techniques and I am more than willing to refer patients on to other disciplines if the need arises.

Dr Kevin Loughlin, Chiropractor, Hemel Hempstead

Kevin Loughlin, Chiropractor Hertfordshire, Hemel Hempstead


I am happily divorced and have two beautiful children aged 17 and 18. We seem to spend a lot of time playing soccer as both, even my 17 year old girl, are keen players and both are ardent Arsenal Football Club fans. When we are not playing football we love the cinema, going camping in France and generally enjoying the good things in life.

Personally, I am a gym nut who must be putting himself through the mill at least three times a week. I also enjoy the visual arts like cinema, theatre, art galleries etc and love reading.


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